Our craziest mosh pit stories

Posted by Dylan Evans on 27 Sep

Part of the memory of most concerts goes to how intense the crowd can get, which is why we took a moment around the 24Hundred warehouse to look back on some of most intense mosh pits we've been a part of.

I remember seeing Parkway Drive at Festival Hall a number of years ago, and the amount of punters jumping and thrashing around, I swear the floor was about to cave in. Standard Parkway. Argy mentions that Tyler, The Creator as well as Marilyn Manson being particularly vicious, and Krystal recalls seeing Bring Me The Horizon as a teenager being quite intense, nearly falling unconscious after being kicked in the head. But then again, I wouldn't trust her memory after sustaining head trauma. Oh, what fun!

Anna says 30 Seconds to Mars was her craziest mosh because everyone was trying to touch Jared Letto. Stevie said "When I was 14 I saw The Used and I almost died, it was dope". Bianca's was seeing Yellowcard at the age of 16, she had to bail 2 songs in because all the young girls were "too cray". Graham saw someone do 20 continuous stage dives at a Madball gig, he also mentioned he had a Madball tattoo on his head. 

Rach said she had seats throw at her when she saw Pearl Jam in '95 with an honourable mention going to AFI where she broke her nose! Josh S said his craziest mosh was Carpathian where a girl got her teeth kicked in. 
Resident photographer and olympic grade tall man John, swears he saw the merch guy at a Trapped Under Ice show do a front flip, landing in crowd and "kick someone's ear off"... 

What's the most intense mosh pit you've been a part of?

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