Chris' Top 10 Tunes: May

Hey guys and girls,

It's Chris here from 24Hundred!
These are a few my favourite tunes at the moment!

Have a read.

10. Turnover – New Scream

Can Turnover tour Australia already? Please.

9. Neck Deep – Can’t Kick Up The Roots  
You know those songs that instantly put you in a positive mood? Yeah, this is mine.
Cannot wait until their new album comes out! Merch & Preorders

8. Mike Waters – Gambling Man  

If you like bragging to your friend about listening to an artist “before they got cool” then you should listen to Mike Waters. 

7. Sticky Fingers – Australia Street

If you’re an Australian citizen it’s your civic duty to listen to Sticky Fingers at least once.

 6. Architects – Gravedigger  
We hosted a signing with Architects over a month ago. Genuine legends!

5. Dance Gavin Dance - Eagle vs. Crows  
Forever loving this band. DGD tore up the Corner Hotel last week!

4. Remi – Sangria   
If you’re from Melbourne, then you’re probably sick of this cold weather, so enjoy this slick tune and think of the summer.
As Remi says “My merch could be a clothing label”.
So suss out Remi’s 'clothing label'.

3. Enter Shikari – Anaesthetist   
Oi Lads! Fetch the Anaesthetist will ya?
The boyos in Hellions are supporting Enter Shikari on their Australian tour which is happening RIGHT NOW.
2. In Hearts Wake – Cottonmouth  
What a huge track. My inner Halo fanboy can't wait to see it live!
In Hearts Wake are doing an Australian tour with We Came As Romans, Beartooth & Storm The Sky
Event information and tickets can be found here!  

1.  Journey – Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)
Mullets. Air Guitars. Moustaches. True Love. Mullets. 
This song has it all, and will be around longer than the pyramids. 

Thanks for reading!

- Chris


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