3 While She Sleeps 'You Are We' Songs You Need To Listen To On Release!

3 While She Sleeps 'You Are We' Songs You Need To Listen To On Release!

“Between sharp riffs and powerful vocals, While She Sleeps have crafted an album that honours the fanbase.”

Coming off the back of a successful crowd funding campaign, Sheffield’s five-piece While She Sleeps return with yet another hard-hitting, political angst fuelled album in You Are We. Constantly making a point to stress the connection the band has with its audience, which is evident of eponymous album opener, the UK five-piece immediately jolt the listener into a fit of chaos that is doused in optimism and hopefulness.

Tracks like ‘Feel’ shred from right out of the gate and ‘Silence Speaks’ showcase some impressive riff-work courtesy of Sean Long with an added guest feature from Bring Me The Horizon’s Oliver Sykes, yet the band has also taken care to incorporate more of an accessible sound for listeners this time around, evident on the likes of the chorus-heavy anthem of ‘Wide Awake’. 

While You Are We does sound more user-friendly, that’s not to suggest a project that’s watered down, just a cleanlier one. Fans of the band’s earlier work will notice a less grungy tone but that signals towards the band’s progression towards a wider audience. ‘Settle Down Society’ sounds quite arena worthy and the likes of ‘Hurricane’ would benefit from a lavish venue setup.

On their third full-length While She Sleeps produce some music that not only makes you want to throw your fist in the air but also wants you to throw your first in the air, as You Are We condemns a society of passivity and implores a voice in the individual. Via the possibility of crowd funding, While She Sleeps have crafted an album for their fans, with the help of their fans.

Dre’s Top Three from While She Sleeps' You Are We:

  1. Steal The Sun
  2. Wide Awake
  3. Settle Down Society

    You Are We is out April 21st. 
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