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Masterfully executed and rich in atmosphere, Circa Survive craft another impressive addition to their catalogue.

Circa Survive maintain their status as being a dominant force in the contemporary rock scene, sprouting from their post-hardcore roots into more prog-rock territory with much success over their career, aided by signature vocals captained by Anthony Green in addition to an impressive musical chemistry. 

‘Lustration’ opens with dreamy, ethereal guitar, and Greens vocals are as soaring and on point as ever that perfectly complement some of Frangicetto’s more sinister sounding riffs, lending tracks like ‘Premonition Of The Hex’ and ‘Rites Of Investiture’ a dire sense of foreboding.

Notably less aggressive than their predecessors, Green barely screams on the record, opting instead for light, silky melodies, which are executed flawlessly by having one of the finest vocal ranges in the game, but what The Amulet lacks in assertiveness, it makes up for in mystique. Tonally, the album shoulders a sense of ritualistic charm, giving off the impression that the songs make up the individual parts to that of a greater holistic ceremony.

Circa Survive have atmosphere in spades, with album centrepiece, the bright and breezy ‘Stay’ segueing into the dynamic, hard-hitting ‘Rites Of Investiture’ that spotlights bassist Nick Beard, accentuating Green’s apex of scorn on the entire record. Perhaps one of the band’s biggest catalogued strengths is the ability to transition so seamlessly between light and dark and then back again. There’s not a lot of nitpicking to be done either, the album as a whole flows exceptionally from track to track and doesn’t really burn itself out or grow tiresome throughout its runtime. Moreover, in terms of theme and sound, one could argue it’s their most cohesive project to date.

Perhaps what’s most impressive is that even after thirteen years as a band, Circa Survive remain stupidly consistent in sound and quality, and the groups chemistry comes together like no other, which is probably not at all a surprise by this point, seeing as they’ve never partaken in a lineup or member change. The Amulet makes for a truly captivating listen and just marks further evidence towards Circa Survive’s non-stop growth as a band.

Dre’s Top Three:

  1. Lustration
  2. At Night It Gets Worse
  3. Rites Of Investiture

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