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Florida's Underøath formed as long ago as 1997 when all the members were still in high-school, before releasing their debut album Act Of Depression in 1999 through Takehold Records, which harboured more of a symphonic black metal style than later recordings. The group is commonly referred to as a 'Christian' metalcore band due to the personal faith of most of their members, although this is not indicative of their music. Wait, you knew that already?

But did you also know?

Vocalist Spencer Chamberlain joined the group in late 2003 following the departure of former vocalist and founding member Dallas Taylor. Once Chamberlain became a full-time member, the band discussed the possibility of changing their name and becoming a new band altogether, although this idea was abandoned as the group continued to perform under the name of Underøath. I guess you knew that one too, huh?

Well, how about this one?

Set for release on April 6th is Erase Me, the band's first album in eight years since the release of Ø (Disambiguation) back in 2010 as well as being their first album since Lost In The Sound Of Separation to feature founding member Aaron Gillespie on drums who left the band in early 2010. Promotional single 'On My Teeth' is the first track in the band's career to feature profanity, which caused some mild controversy among fans because of the band's Christian background.


  1. It Has To Start Somewhere
  2. Rapture
  3. On My Teeth
  4. Wake Me
  5. Bloodlust
  6. Sink With You
  7. ihateit
  8. Hold Your Breath
  9. No Frame
  10. In Motion
  11. I Gave Up

    Erase Me is to be released on April 6th, so there’s still time to head over to 24Hundred and pre-order your copy alongside exclusive tees, hoodies, as well as the album on exclusive transparent acid green vinyl.

    In the meantime, check out the video for ‘On My Teeth’ right here:


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