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House Vs Hurricane are back with a new album and a renewed sense of vigour that’s sure to satiate a hardcore fan’s cravings.

Having called it a day back in 2013 following the release of their sophomore effort Crooked Teeth, House Vs Hurricane announced their reformation earlier this year alongside the release of what would be the very aptly titled, Filth. Right from the get-go, the Melbourne four-piece establish that they’re making up for lost time, as listeners are thrown into the deep end almost immediately with eponymous opener ‘Filth’ beating the listener over the head with fierce riffs, blistering drums and Dan Casey’s raw, untamed screams.

There’s a definite progression from where the band left off, as Filth definitely feels a lot more to the point than its predecessor. There’s a lot more momentum present on these new tracks than they’ve ever demonstrated before, and trimming the excess fat has resulted in a much stronger sound.


Part of this seemed to be their compulsive need to shoehorn in a cleanly sung chorus courtesy of Ryan McLerie, and yet the clean vocals on Filth are rationed to a more severe degree, so when McLerie does eventually take centre stage it actually feels like a welcome change, making the infectious chorus of ‘Give It Up’ among others a memorable stand out as opposed to another drop in the ocean. Despite the fact that Filth is a definite a chug-a-thon, there’s some complex, frantic riffing that match the intensity of the album, with tracks like ‘Nerve Damage’ and ‘Greasepaint’ almost erring towards the side of mathcore, which is a nice surprise.

While a little on the safe side, Filth is a smart return to form for the band; a short and sweet album that’s bursting at the seams with energy while maintaining the signature sound prior to their breakup. Lyrically it treads a little bit of the same ground, but the band has stepped up their game in every other aspect. If you never gave House Vs Hurricane a chance, now’s a good time to sink your teeth in. Get filthy! 

Dre’s Top Three:

  1. She’ll Be Apples
  2. Nerve Damage
  3. Brain Dead

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