Retired Crowdsurfer Only Rides Waves Now

Retired Crowdsurfer Only Rides Waves Now

Byron Bay local Brody Marshall has made a career out of surfboarding after a mild health scare forced him out of his once beloved music community.

"We would go to a lot of shows together as mates and it was the only sort of fun we had in town so we'd go pretty hard and I'd often fling myself into the mosh pit without warning. Most of the time we wouldn't even know the bands playing!"

Marshall goes on to explain the predisposed risk when going all out at a hardcore show, mentioning he'd always leave with a few more bruises and scratches than when he left. However, it all came tumbling down after an incident at a local show left him with a mild ringing in the ears that medical experts diagnosed as Tinnitus.

"It impacted a lot of my enjoyment, but doctors said that if I continued going to shows without earplugs it would only worsen my condition."

This sparked a radical change in Marshall's lifestyle - forced out of his musical environment, he sought to replace his once cherished activity with a new, albeit similarly suited hobby.

"I had a long think and boiled down what I enjoyed most out of the experience and realized that I could replicate the joy of crowd surfing in real life if I just learned to surf for real."

Such was the decision to trade in the cut-off for a wetsuit and the denim jacket for a board and wax, a choice that has impacted the direction of Marshall's life radically.

"There's something quite meditative about being at the beach, and the constant crashing of waves means there's no more strain on my ears. Most importantly, I managed to recapture the fleeting moment of weightlessness as you get carried through the crowd- Err... tide."

Since then, Marshall has gone on to win many prizes and competitions and has since started his own junior surfer's program, Hardcore Waves.

"I mean, the kids are there to surf and enjoy themselves, but you have to wonder how many of them really watch pro surfers or understand the culture" he muses with a sigh. When asked about the condition of his Tinnitus, Marshall simply responded with "What?"


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