Top 3 UNFD Albums This Year (So Far)

Top 3 UNFD Albums This Year (So Far)

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Architects – All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us

After the release of the largely successful Hollow Crown, Architects took a sudden change in direction before gradually reclaiming their heaviness across their following couple of albums. Suffice to say, All Our Gods… sounds absolutely massive and in your face, and shows the band yet again at their creative peak.

It’s far from perfect, but the fact that Architects managed to perfect their sound and then do it all again is sincerely quite admirable.  Colour me impressed.

Hellions – Opera Oblivia

With the release of Opera Oblivia, Hellions are shaping up to be one of the more consistent bands in the hardcore scene, furthering their career with experimentation in their sound and style. Their third full-length demonstrates the bands ability to cover important subjects without compromising their signature sound. If consistency is key, then Hellions have it in spades.

Columbus – Spring Forever

The blend of Emo and Pop Punk can be tricky balance, but is one that the Brisbane three-piece manage to toe quite well, making Spring Forever the kind of record that makes me want to punch my fist in the air as well as ugly-cry at the foot of my bed. Columbus don’t necessarily do anything ground-breaking on Spring Forever but they do it pretty faultlessly - and I’ll be damned if it doesn’t resonate with my little emo soul.



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