Born out of the demise (and later rebirth) of fellow Baltimore hardcore act Trapped Under Ice, Turnstile harboured a similar sound to their peers but also captained enough of a stylistic pivot to qualify that they could stand as their own separate entity.

Their debut Nonstop Feeling was a record imbued with a magnetic authenticity that was heavy yet playful and shone brightly with a refreshingly carefree hardcore beatdown aesthetic, accentuated by Brendan Yates' desperately blithe wails and screams.

Time & Space is noticeably more primal sounding than its predecessor, doubling down on its punks roots yet leaning into its more experimental songwriting cache. The influence present on Time & Space is shockingly diverse, and despite only clocking in at 25 minutes long, manages to squeeze out a lot of different angles to their seemingly once thought straightforward sound.

'High Pressure' and 'Can't Get Away' transcend their hardcore soundscapes, with subtle additions of plucky piano keys and synchronized hand-clapping respectively, and guest vocals from Sheer Mag's Tina Halliday lends some welcomed variance to the groove-tinged 'Moon'.

Turnstile's sophomore is a commendable creative leap that shows the Baltimore five-piece explore their sound further without abandoning their core style too heavily. Time & Space does what a good follow-up record should do; branching out in part, seemingly rife with creative influence and maintaining a steady accessibility all the while being a rockingly good hardcore punk album.

Dre’s Top Three:

  1. I Don't Wanna Be Blind
  2. (Lost Another) Piece Of My World
  3. Can't Get Away
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