UNFD Launches Bundles For Fans Who Wish To Stream Albums

UNFD Launches Bundles For Fans Who Wish To Stream Albums

Starting from this week, UNFD will be changing the way they do pre-orders for albums they are releasing. You can read their full statement below!

It’s 2016, and while we know some fans love vinyl and CDs, we also know that many people prefer to stream or download music on whichever service suits them. Personally, we are stoked either way – we just want the music to be heard and for our artists to get paid for their creativity.

We are 100% pro-streaming at UNFD – we’re seeing that it’s working and that our artists’ revenue is all increasing exponentially as more people use these services. Every week, UNFD released tracks accumulate many many streams, which is absolutely incredible to think about because it means people are listening to the songs AND the artists are getting paid. The fact that in some countries streams don’t count towards the charts is perplexing, but we have no control over that.

While most labels have bundles that only include CDs, vinyl or digital downloads, we are now offering “Streamers’ Bundles” for those people who would rather stream the music, but still would love a shirt or poster to represent their love for the band and record. Of course, merch and posters don’t count towards the charts, but to us, it’s just important that people want to own something that represents the artists. As long as you’re hearing our bands, wearing their merch and seeing them play shows, we’re happy.

SO starting with the Void Of Vision, Balance and Composure and Northlane pre-orders happening RIGHT NOW, when we announce new records, you will be able to jump in and choose whatever bundle items you want even if it doesn’t include any physical CD or vinyl – just grab everything you want and listen however you want.


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