Vinyl Revival: Inside The Record Vault

Vinyl Revival: Inside The Record Vault

Looking to expand your record collection? The most exciting time at work is whenever we get one of our new shipments of vinyl in. The music experts upstairs pick the latest and favourite releases to put up both online and in our store.

So, what's on the list for this week?

Bodyjar - Role Model (2013)

Role Model hearkens back to a 90s pop and power punk aesthetic which should click with any fans of the likes of NOFX, Rancid or Propagandhi. The first record to be written and recorded together following the group's reformation, Role Model is the first full-length they've recorded since their self-titled all the way back in 2005 and features guest vocals by Ahren Stringer of The Amity Affliction on its namesake of a title-track as well as Joey Cape of Lagwagon on the song 'Hope Was Leaving'.

Circa Survive - The Amulet (2017)

Despite never partaking in a lineup change, Pennsylvania's Circa Survive continue to expand their sound with each new release and their latest full-length The Amulet is no exception, boasting ethereal riffs and dreamy, soaring vocal performances from frontman Anthony Green. One of the most consistent acts in post-hardcore and progressive rock, Circa Survive remain full steam ahead with their sound and evolution, and The Amulet is just further evidence of that. Shop an exclusive pressing of The Amulet Vinyl, with altered cover artwork over at 24Hundred.

Wu-Tang Clan - Wu-Tang Forever (1997)

Wu-Tang Clan's second full-length album follows on from the highly successful Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), which is not only considered one of the best hip-hop records of all time but also spawned a long run of successful solo projects from various members. Selling over 2 million copies worldwide, Wu-Tang Forever is the group's highest selling record to date and across 4 LPs comes in a detailed gatefold sleeve and decorative cover.

OFF! - OFF! (2012)

Conceived by ex-Black Flag vocalist Keith Morris, OFF! is essential old-school punk listening. Angry, desolate and in your face, Morris spits, screams and wails over roughhoused riffs and sputtering guitar solos mixed together to sound like the glory days of punk. If you've ever wanted to hear sixteen very angry, very pissed off songs in just sixteen minutes, then have we got the record for you!

Shop all this and more under the VINYL tab at 24Hundred.


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