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Broken Lock

Deception Tee (Black)


Brocken Lock // Deception Tee (Black)

Relaxed Fit
Heavy weight, 220 GSM
100% combed cotton

Melbourne born creative style collides with raw-Russian blood and courses through the veins of each piece of Broken Lock jewellery; a true representation of our physical emotions and cultural influences brought to life by Adam Faingold, through precious and premium materials. 


Drawing inspiration from the way music and its sub cultures dance on the line of art and influence, each piece is designed to with a message and creates a unique connection between artist and wearer.   


Broken Lock is a metaphor; a daily reminder that you can do anything you want to. No door is locked, and if it is, you have the ability to break it; the ability to take what is yours.


Broken: ruptured; divided into parts violently.

Lock: any device for stopping the motion of a mechanism


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