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Fresh Produce T-Shirt Bundle // PREORDER


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Release Date:  19th April, 2019 (If you purchase other items in the same order as a pre-order item, the entire order will be sent out when the pre-order is released)

Seaway // Fresh Produce T-Shirt Bundle 

Bundle Includes:

  • Fresh Produce 12" Vinyl (Half Highlighter Yellow / Half Royal Blue)
  • Fresh Produce Tee (white)


Track List:

1. Pleasures
2. Blur 
3. Something Wonderful (Alternate Version)
4. 40 Over (Alternate Version)
5. Lula (Alternate Version) 
6. Slam/Shy Guys (Alternate Version)
7. Just What I Needed (Cover) 
8. Hand In My Pocket (Cover) 
9. Closer (Cover)
10. Your Best Friend
11. Alberta 
12. The Let Down 
13. If I Came Back For You


Official Seaway merch

Official Pure Noise Records release

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