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The Concrete Confessional (12" Vinyl Black)


The Concrete Confessional (12" Vinyl Black)


Hatebreed // The Concrete Confessional (12" Vinyl Black)

"The title had to be something that was heavy and hard, but also vulnerable and honest. Heavy music is this cleansing, therapeutic, and cathartic experience. You're on that concrete floor, the guitars are crushing you, and someone?s screaming their head off?sharing their pain and aspects of their life through words, poetry, or songs. There's nothing like it. You confess you have negative thoughts, and you purge them. For however long you?re at the show, there are no bills to pay, issues to deal with, or problems holding you back. You can be free." - Jamey Jasta


A1 A.D.
A2 Looking Down The Barrel Of Today
A3 Seven Enemies
A4 In The Walls
A5 From Grace We've Fallen
A6 Us Against Us
A7 Something's Off
B1 Remember When
B2 Slaughtered In Their Dreams
B3 The Apex Within
B4 Walking The Knife
B5 Dissonance
B6 Serve Your Masters


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