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The Used Official Merch - Vulnerable (CD)

The Used

Vulnerable (CD)



The Used - Vulnerable (CD) Vulnerable is the fifth studio album by The Used. The album was produced by John Feldmann, who also produced the band's first three albums. After releasing their 'gross-pop' record "Artwork" and sending their music into a new direction, fans of The Used were thrilled to hear that "Vulnerable" is a return to the band's early days and reminiscent of their self-titled debut. As lead singer Bert has explained; "Vulnerable" is an emotional record that will thrill fans; showing them that being vulnerable is a powerful state of mind. The tracks are catchy and packed full of everything that made The Used such a loved band ten almost ten years ago.
1. I Come Alive 2. This Fire 3. Hands and Faces 4. Put Me Out 5. Shine 6. Now That You're Dead 7. Give Me Love 8. Moving On 9. Getting Over You 10 .Kiss It Goodbye 11. Hurt No One 12. Together Burning Bright
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