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The Rhapsody Tapes (Cassette) Ocean Grove Official Merch - The Rhapsody Tapes (Cassette) The Rhapsody Tapes (Cassette)

Ocean Grove

The Rhapsody Tapes (Cassette)


Ocean Grove - The Rhapsody Tapes (Cassette) Melbourne' very own pioneers of the Odd World Music movement Ocean Grove's debut album The Rhapsody Tapes was entirely written, recorded and produced by the band and sixth studio member, Running Touch, from the bedroom of their 19-year-old drummer Sam Bassal. With a #5 ARIA chart record under their belt, Ocean Grove are supporting Architects on their sold out Australian tour before embarking on their first international tour.
Limited to 150 worldwide (AU only)


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The Wrong Way
Slow Soap Soak
These Boys Light Fires
When You're This High You Can Say What You Like
Mr Centipede
From Dalight
Stratosphere Love