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Welcome To Sonderland Hoodie Bundle // PREORDER

Neck Deep

Welcome To Sonderland Hoodie Bundle // PREORDER


Neck Deep // Welcome To Sonderland Hoodie Bundle // PREORDER

RELEASE DATE: July 24th, 2020

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Exclusive Sonderland Hoodie

  • Printed On Champion
  • Embroidered Sleeve
  • 100% Cotton
Exclusive Sonderland gift store pack (Magnet, Keychain, Postcard)

12" Vinyl - 180 gram purple variant OR CD
  • Gatefold Jacket
  • Download Card Included


Side 1:
  • 1. Sonderland 
  • 2. Fall 
  • 3. Lowlife 
  • 4. Telling Stories 
  • 5. When You Know 
  • 6. Quarry 
Side 2:
  • 7. Sick Joke 
  • 8. What Took You So Long? 
  • 9. Empty House 
  • 10. Little Dove 
  • 11. I Revolve (Around You) 
  • 12. Pushing Daisies 

Official Neck Deep Merch

Official Hopeless Records Release

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