Stray From The Path Official Merch - Subliminal Criminals (12" Multi Splatter Vinyl LP)

Stray From The Path - Subliminal Criminals (12" Multi Splatter Vinyl LP)

1. The New Gods
2. Outbreak
3. Badge & A Bullet Part II
4. First World Problem Child
5. Shots Fired
6. Eavesdropper
7. D.I.E.P.I.G
8. Future of Sound
9. Time Bomb
10. Snap
11. These Things Have to Fall Apart

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Only Death Is real 12" Vinyl (Opaque White w/ Orange Splatter)


  1. The Opening Move
  2. Loudest In The Room
  3. Goodnight Alt-right
  4. Let's Make A Deal
  5. They Always Take The Guru
  6. Plead The Fifth
  7. Strange Fiction (feat. keith Buckley)
  8. All Day & Night (feat. Byan Garris)
  9. The House Always Wins (feat. Vinnie Paz)
  10. Only Death Is Real