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Íkaros 12" Vinyl Íkaros 12" Vinyl Íkaros 12" Vinyl


Íkaros 12" Vinyl


Your choice of either Black or Sea Foam Green vinyl

'Íkaros' is the debut album from Adelaide alt-rocker, Timberwolf. It features singles 'Washed Out', 'Íkaros' and 'Hold You Up', which were both swiftly added to triple j rotation and has had great radio success. Having taken influences from psych rock and hip hop sounds dating back to the 60s, Timberwolf’s debut album is set to be a big step up and away from his previous two EP releases. 


  1. Íkaros
  2. Washed Out
  3. Silent Game
  4. Hold You Up
  5. Misunderstood
  6. Vulnerable Heart
  7. Why Won't You Love Me
  8. Stevie
  9. Pick Yourself Up
  10. Everybody's Lover
  11. Seabird