UNIFY 2018 KarTent

by Event
In 2018 we are giving the option to camp in a biodegradable, completely waterproof and extremely comfortable 2-person tent thanks to KarTent. As an added bonus, each KarTent will be set up for you prior to your arrival, so you don’t need to worry about any tent troubles when you get to the festival. What makes it even better is that we’ll clear and recycle your tent at the end of the festival.
For more information on KarTent, visit our website HERE


  • Sleeps 2 people
  • Set Up for You
  • Waterproof
  • Recycled
  • No Trace

There are also comfort pack upgrades available for $75 per tent, you can add this option when purchasing your KARTENT.


  • 2 x Single Inflatable Air Mattress or 1 x Double
  • 2 x Sleeping Bags
  • 2 x Cotton Pillows
  • Led Light
  • Baby Wipes - 1pkt
  • Tissues - 1pkt