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5 A.M. feat Whosane 7” Vinyl (Black)


5 A.M. feat Whosane 7” Vinyl (Black)


REMI // 5 A.M. feat Whosane 7” Vinyl (Black)

SIDE A: 5 A.M. feat Whosane - Duration: 3.34 

SIDE B: Sensible J - Fire Sign feat Remi and Sampa The Great - Duration: 4.02


Remi on 5 A.M. 

More than ever I’ve been using music to sort through and let go. I wrote 5 A.M. when I was locked in the house for a couple of days with the flu. I guess I was trying to get all the shit out of my body or something because my mind wandered to a a toxic past relationship and I just needed to write about it. I hadn’t dealt with many parts of it, so there was a lot of real time processing and redrafting before I could properly articulate the whole situation.  Sensible J, with the help of Silent J (not to be confused), had already created the perfect beat-scape for me to vent over. However when I’d finished writing, I felt like we needed some different energy. My brother Whosane has always been one of my favourite people to work with. I love how his mind works in creative settings and I love his voice even more. One of my favourite albums growing up was Tha Eastsidaz record presented by Snoop Dogg. I loved how people would just come in and out randomly, creating hooks inside of verses and bringing different styles to keep the music moving. That was the intention behind getting him in. He only features for 8 bars but his presence is felt HEAVILY. (Many thanks to Silent J for completely flipping the beat for him!!)

Independently released through Remi and Sensible J’s very own House of Beige. 

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