All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us (Tee + CD Bundle)


With a career spanning over a decade, Architects is returning with their highly anticipated seventh album, 'All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us'. As witnessed in 'Lost Forever // Lost Together', there is no environmental, personal or political issue that is safe from being challenged. Fans can expect nothing less from 'All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us', as the band has described this as their heaviest and darkest work to date.


  • "Album Logo" White Tee (Printed on Standard Fitting T-Shirts)
  • "All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us" CD


  1. Nihilist
  2. Deathwish
  3. Phantom Fear
  4. Downfall
  5. Gone With The Wind
  6. The Empty Hourglass
  7. A Match Made In Heaven
  8. Gravity
  9. All Love Is Lost
  10. From The Wildermess
  11. Memento Mori

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