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Hopeless Official Merch - Dear World (CD) (406098371)


Dear World (CD)



Hopeless - Dear World (CD) Debut full length from Melbourne's Hopeless
Although a new and young band, this 5 piece are an integral part of the growth of modern day Australian hardcore. Hailed by some as one of the best new up and coming bands in recent years, Hopeless are consistently reaching growth and heights of intrigue with their brand of bleak, reflective and naively optimistic brand of hardcore. Having previously only released a 3-track demo, Hopeless have had the opportunity to share the stage with some of Australia's best in their first year as a band. Willing to play anywhere, anytime and as much as possible has only benefited the bands sound and their performance which is undeniably real. Often shadowed by their influences and constantly compared, Hopeless aim to put to rest such claims with this full length.
Dear World was tracked in Australia and mixed in the States by Jay Mass (Carpathian, Verse, Shipwreck AD).
Tracklisting: 1. Dear World 2. Lullaby 3. The Factory 4. Driftwood/Don't Try 5. Fiction 6. Disappear Here 7. Young Wolves 8. Sleepwalkers 9. The Pact 10. The Outside 11. Oceans