Divination 12" Vinyl (Moss Green Splatter)

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In Hearts Wake - Divination 12" Vinyl (Moss Green Splatter)
Second pressing of In Hearts Wakes debut album. Divination was recorded in Michigan, USA by Josh Schroeder (The Color Morale, A Plea For Purging, Still Remains) at Random Awesome Studio during the first half of 2012. The album features an array of guest vocalists including Winston McCall (Parkway Drive) and Adrian Fitipaldes (former vocalist of Northlane). The band‰ۡóÁÌ_́ÌÎ_̴Ìös mix of hardcore and metal with clean vocals balances the melodic, heavy and technical aspects of the album.Ì_åÇRESSING INFO

Moss Green Splatter (200 AU, 150 USA, 150 UK/EU)
Translucent Green (100 AU, 50 USA, 50 UK/EU)
Mint Green TransparentÌ_åÇ77 AU, 300 USA, 323 UK/EU)


Neverland (The Star)
Traveller (The Fool)
Departure (Death)
The Unknown (Strength)
Survival (The Chariot)


Inertia (The Hermit)
B.I.A (The Hanged Man)
Shapeless (Judgement)
Loreley 9The Lovers)
Winterfall (The Tower)
Release (The Moon)