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The Abandonment Official Merch - Ephemeral (CD) (406154407)

The Abandonment

Ephemeral (CD)


The Abandonment - Ephemeral (CD) This debut album has been a long time in the making for Melbourne's The Abandonment and like all good things, was more than worth the wait.
The Abandonment's Ephemeral is a journey through a world not far ahead of us. Set around a cataclysmic storm, it is the personal stories of people all over the earth. Stories that occur before, during and after this event, they deal with the emotional universality of loss and tragedy. At a time when the environment and the fate of our planet is in hot debate, Ephemeral serves as an interpretation of those things that, regardless of race, sex, wealth or religion, we as humans will all experience at the end of our days.
Tracklisting: 1. The Wolf 2. Time Destroys All Things 3. Down River 4. Little Thousand 5. I Was Not Born Richard Alpert 6. Hubbert's Peak 7. Part 1: Blissful Abandon 8. Part 1: Holding Breath 9. Chalk Bones 10. Hikwsi 11. A Room Without Light