Greater City, Greater Love (Vinyl + Zine)


Inspired by poetic lyricism, Fountaineer's debut album 'Greater City, Greater Love', is a nostalgic love letter to Bendigo exploring the complexities of the small town they grew up in. The LP vinyl comes with a limited 'Greater City, Greater Love' zine created by local Bendigo artist Simon McKeown.

Fountaineer - Greater City, Greater Love Vinyl LP w/ Limited 20-Page Zine


 Side A
1. Sirens (Parts 1 & 2)
2. Still Life
3. The Cricketers
4. Boxing Days
5. Wide Awake Library
6. Lights Beyond The Edge Of Town
Side B
7. Words With Friends
8. Grand Old Flags
9. Onomatopoeia
10. Some Bright Sparks
11. Vase City Blues
12. I Will Become/Hinges On