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Grievances 12" Vinyl

Rolo Tomassi

Grievances 12" Vinyl


Rolo Tomassi // Grievances 12" Vinyl

Rolo Tomassi are back, armed with the brilliant, brand new album 'Grievances', set for release on Holy Roar Records on June 1st. 'Grievances' was recorded and mixed by Lewis Johns at The Ranch Production House, Southampton, and is the bands 4th studio album.

Having first worked with Holy Roar from the start of the label in 2006, it has been a joy to watch one of the most inventive bands in the UK grow and grow - taking in world tours, recording an album with Diplo and much much more besides. With both band and label going from creative strength-to-strength, now feels like the perfect time to re-establish a new, improved, alliance.

This is their most exciting, progressive, direct and emotional material to date - Rolo Tomassi are clearly forever pushing forward artistically.

Track Listing

  1. Estranged
  2. Raumdeuter
  3. The Embers
  4. Prelude III (Phantoms)
  5. Opalescent
  6. Unseen and Unknown
  7. Stage Knives
  8. Crystal Cascades
  9. Chandelier Shiver
  10. Funereal
  11. All That Has Gone Before