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Dropsaw Official Merch - Hard Justice (CD) (406082259)


Hard Justice (CD)



Dropsaw - Hard Justice (CD) Hard Justice is the third and most recent album from Newcastle's Dropsaw. Determined to make a statement following up both debut Missing Limbs and the later Victims Or Killers, the band settled on a producer in Tim Lambesis. Feb 2010 saw the band flying out to Lambesis Studios in San Diego, where the band spent a month putting together what will be their defining album.
Illustrations by Sam Octogon.
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TRACKLISTING: 1. Necropsy 2. Hard Justice 3. This Is Hell 4. Avarice 5. Defeated 6. No Horizon 7. Withstand 8. Dead Dream 9. Violent Outcast 10. The Cobra 11. Judgement Day