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Dream On Dreamer Official Merch - Heartbound (Deluxe CD/DVD) (410253643)

Dream On Dreamer

Heartbound (Deluxe CD/DVD)



Dream On Dreamer - Heartbound (Deluxe CD/DVD)

UNFD will release a deluxe version of ARIA and AIR nominated debut "Heartbound" on November 30, 2012. The main feature of the repackage is a 1-hour feature documentary about the band's incredible touring run. Other features include both their music videos, Additional tracks "Midnight Thoughts" and "A Thousand Miles" and extended artwork with liner notes and lyrical explanations included.
1. I
2. Yourself as Someone Else
3. Downfall
4. A Path Of Its Own
5. For What You Believe In
6. Taking Chances, Breaking Free
7. Blinded
8. To The Lost
9. Come Home True Love
10. Lifestream
11. Midnight Thoughts (extra track)
12. A Thousand Miles (extra track)

1. Homebound: DVD Feature
2. Bonus Content
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