Hungry Ghost (12" Vinyl - Swamp Green & Multi Splatter)

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Swamp Green & Multi Splatter x 500

The Buddhist concept of the 'hungry ghost' neatly sums up the urgency, the want, the search of Violent Soho's music. Amid the riffs, hooks and wail of frontman Luke Boerdam is a stark examination of the way we view the world, and the way consumer culture feeds relentlessly on itself and its urges. A fitting theory for an unapologetic, no-bullshit post-grunge cacophony, as laid bare on the Brisbane four-piece's second album, Hungry Ghost.

Following 2010's accomplished self-titled album (their second, following We Don't Belong Here in 2008), which delivered riffage-heavy highlights such as 'Jesus Stole My Girlfriend' and 'Muscle Junkie', the band found themselves at an impasse. Even though they'd been a band since 2004 -- they're all friends from school -- after nearly playing 250 shows around the world in a year of touring, they suddenly found themselves treading water creatively.

Attempts to write new songs were met with a frustrating lack of inspiration. "I found myself writing the same thing over and over," says Luke. "It was boring and crap. It was kinda depressing: I felt like I couldn't write any more."

But what it took to snap Luke and his bandmates -- James Tidswell (guitar/vocals), Luke Henery (bass) and Michael Richards (drums) -- out of the funk was a realisation that all of their touring and experiences had given them a new perspective on music; hard work and that new thematic inspiration would lead to its own reward.

It was a process of figuring out what we did like," Luke explains, "rather than concentrating on what we used to do. We've changed and grown as people, so the music we were writing needed to reflect that. Whatever excited us, those are the songs that we went with."

The band had rediscovered that passion and energy. Following the release double A-side 'Neighbour Neighbour' and 'Tinderbox' in late 2011, the band spent six weeks in Brisbane studio The Shed, working with producer Bryce Moorhead, "one of the greatest, most underrated producers in Australia, I think. He's like Brisbane's Steve Albini," says Luke.

What emerged on Hungry Ghost was a character study of the personalities and ideas of consumer society that inform their hometown of Brisbane suburb Mansfield, examining "the concept of the outsider, people who are a little bizarre and how they view the world."

Hungry Ghost is the album Violent Soho needed to make. Intelligent, melodic, and dripping with attitude, it's also a record you need to hear.


1.Dope Calypso
2. Lowbrow
3. Covered in Chrome
4. Saramona Said
5. In The Aisle
6. OK Cathedral
7. Fur Eyes
8. Gold Coast
9. Liars
10. Eightfold
11. Hungry Ghost