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Loveless [CD]

Dream On Dreamer

Loveless (CD)


Dream on Dreamer // Loveless (CD)

Following on from their 2011 debut album "Heartbound" Dream On Dreamer will be releasing their new album "Loveless", their first record as a five piece.
"Produced and mixed by Callan Orr of the band, with frontman Marcel Gadacz designing the artwork and imagery, this album will see the band take complete create control this time round. Loveless" is the first time the band has been able to really focus on writing music with their intense touring schedule. The extra work and effort shows, with Dream On Dreamer delivering their strongest album to date; A definitive statement about what they've learnt from the last three years of ridiculously hard work.

1. Loveless
2. The World in Front Of Me
3. Infinity
4. Foundations
5. Hear Me Out
6. Neverlove
7. Moving On, Moving Far
8. Evol
9. Black Maine
10. The Tracks We Leave Behind

RELEASE DATE: June 28th, 2013

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