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Melbourne Demo (EP) (406178983)

The Seduction

Melbourne Demo (EP)



The Seduction // Melbourne Demo (EP)

After the band offloaded 250 burns of the demo we decided to put it out as an actual release. Here's what had to say: Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, The Seduction is the product of several other local metal dissolutions, with members from bands such as In Name and Blood and Pre-Teen Disco Diaries. Whilst clearly capable of making good music independent of each other, together they are an aural force to be reckoned with, pumping out the same aggressive strain of metal as their noted influences of Norma Jean, The Dillinger Escape Plan and The Chariot, amongst others.

Comprising four tracks, each with their own brutal appeal, Melbourne Demo is the band's first release. Commencing with 'Corpus Christi', it immediately becomes apparent that you are about to enjoy a treat superior to the average fare, with vocalist Craig Wainwright inaugurating us to the EP's coarse rage with a throaty roar set to an equally gruesome beat. 'This Statement is False', an updated version of the band's previous song 'Burt Ward Used to Wear Some Serious Tights', continues the carnage, blasting sure fire laceration inspiration in true grindcore style.

The remaining two tracks, 'Hopeless' and another track polished and changed from earlier demos, 'Autophobia', are similarly heavily effects driven tracks 'distorted to oblivion' with unforgiving melodies and thrumming bass lines entwined to create a formidable metal onslaught. However, lyrically, the songs are rather hard to fathom, although 'Hopeless', perhaps the easiest track to decipher, seem quite upfront about death and suicide; a suitably grim topic for the music it inhabits.

Melbourne Demo is a commendable EP from a promising act. Packed with enough heavy riffs, unpredictable time signatures and growling vocals to disturb your jauntily perched top hat, it comfortably surpasses the mediocre quality we've come to expect from Myspace generation metal. The Seduction are grinding their axes on the nerves of the noisecore genre and this EP is a teasing scent of what's to come - let's just hope it's fucking heavy.