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Alpha Wolf

Mono 12" Vinyl (Black w/ white splatter)

Mono 12" Vinyl (Black w/ white splatter)


Alpha Wolf // Mono 12" Vinyl (Black w/ white splatter)

The Melbourne 5 piece has worked tirelessly to create something inherently familiar, yet at the same time unashamedly different with
their debut album Mono. Taking the heavy riffs of their downbeat and deathcore contemporaries, mixing that with the groove of the
current wave of nu-metal bands, and adding a melody that completely their own; Alpha Wolf are carving out their own place in the
Australian heavy scene.
The band is also a recent addition to the roster of Greyscale Records. Label Manager Joshua Merriel states on the signing "It takes a special
kind of band to make a collision of genres sound so seamless, but Alpha Wolf have managed to do just that. We're so excited to see what
the future holds for Alpha Wolf, and honoured to be a part of it." Sentiments echoed by Sabian Lynch of Alpha Wolf "Signing to Greyscale
has been one of those defining moments in our musical careers that we couldn't have dreamed of happening this time last year or ever.
Having people such as Ash and Josh backing our music is the greatest feeling and we are very excited for our future teamed with

1. Ward Of The State
2. No. 2
3. Golden Fate; Water Break
4. Shinobi Naku
5. #104
6. Promise Stays
7. Mono
8. Failvre
9. Golden Fate; Gut Ache
10. My Untold Memoir
11. Epiphobia
12. Devon St

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