No. 7 - Hardcore Metal Compilation (CD)
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Compilation CD

1. Poison the Well 'Letter Thing'
2. Jungle Fever '21st Century Babylon'
3. Dropsaw 'Wasted Youth'
4. The Nation Blue 'Defection'
5. Job For A Cowboy 'Embedded'
6. Picture The End 'They Swarmed Like Locusts'
6. Bear Trap 'Dead Wrong'
7. Icepick 'Tomorrow Is Not A Promise'
8. Zombie Ghost Train 'Monster Rock N Roll'
9. Against 'Loyalty & Betrayal'
10. Extortion 'Uniform'
11. Tenth Dan 'Stand Strong'
12. Worlds Apart 'The Midnight Disease'
13. See You next Tuesday 'Lets Go Halvsies On A Bastard'
14. Blood Duster 'Myspace Your face'
15. I Killed the Prom Queen 'Your Shirt Would Look Better With A Columbian Neck-tie(Live)'
16. Proteam 'Our Wasteland'
17. Internal Affairs 'Still Alive'
18. Provoke 'respect'
19. Mindsnare 'Total Overload'
20. Ill 'Oh Fuckface Up Yours'
21. From The Ruins 'I Won't Rest'
22. Death Before Dishonour 'Break Through It All'
23. The Jonestown Syndicate 'The Relationship Between Quicksand and Vultures'
24. 4Dead 'The Dead'
25. Abandon All Hope 'Keyless Cage'
26. Samsara 'Cruelty'

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1x No. 7 - Hardcore Metal Compilation (CD)

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