Other Voices, Other Rooms (12" Cream Vinyl)

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Other Voices, Other Rooms is released on vinyl for the first time. The Getaway Plan released this record back in 2008, which went on to become a national success! Featuring singles 'Where The City Meets The Sea' and 'Shadows', the album was one of the higest selling Australian albums of the year. The band has supported My Chemical Romance, played Big Day Out, performed live of network television and sold six consecutive shows at The HiFi in Melbourne.



  1. Other Voices, Other Rooms
  2. Streetlight
  3. Where The City Meets The Sea
  4. Sleep Spindles
  5. Medicine (Stay With Me)
  6. Shadows


  1. A Lovers Complaint
  2. Red Flag
  3. Ent'acte
  4. Rhapsody On A Windy Night
  5. Transmission