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Rocky's Diner - 12" Signed Vinyl

Sarah McLeod

Rocky's Diner - 12" Signed Vinyl

Rocky's Diner - 12" Signed Vinyl


Rocky's Diner is the culmination of a radical change of creative gears for Sarah McLeod, who shaped the album in near-complete isolation in New York. A multiple ARIA Award winner with The Superjesus, McLeod showcases her maturity as a songwriter, and her gift for melding grooves and soul within a rock framework on Rocky's Diner, her first full length solo album in 12 years.


Signed Vinyl

1. Rocky's Reprise
2. Giants
3. Northern Lights
4. Bad Valentine
5. No One Wants To Be The First To Say Goodbye
6. Hurricane
7. Black Sheep
8. My Imagination
8. Wild Hearts
10. Rocky's Diner11. Wild Hearts * Bonus Track