Satisfaction Is The Death Of Desire (12" Vinyl)

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Hatebreed // Satisfaction Is The Death Of Desire (12" Vinyl)


A1 Empty Promises 1:19
A2 Burn The Lies 1:46
A3 Before Dishonor 2:49
A4 Puritan 2:11
A5 Conceived Through An Act Of Violence 1:44
A6 Afflicted Past 1:42
A7 Prepare For War 2:01
B1 Not One Truth 2:02
B2 Betrayed By Life 1:39
B3 Mark My Words 1:51
B4 Last Breath 1:33
B5 Burial For The Living 1:40
B6 Worlds Apart 2:04
B7 Driven By Suffering 1:48


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