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Sex Wizard Official Merch - SXWZD (CD) (406153275)

Sex Wizard



Sex Wizard - SXWZD (CD) With over half of Jungle Fever heading back to Adelaide after the bands demise, three of the members (the important ones to this story) wanted to keep moving forward with their music and not rest on their laurels. From their itchy beginnings as Thrush, through to the yummy transformation into Choc Chip, we give you Sex Wizard! Hard to know which moniker would have the most impact but magic was the winner of the day. Our three heroes brought in members from Robotosaurus and A Secret Death to put this powerhouse together, making it stronger than everyone's previous band. 2 x drummers, 1 ginger and an edge break, nothing can stop them!
Much like Jungle Fever, Sex Wizard brings something different to the hardcore scene and will no doubt once again shake things up a little and remind everyone what it is like to go to a show/put a record on and have fun watching/listening.
The artwork for this digipack was done by Gabe Delaine ((SXWZD Bassmaster General and responsible party of Jungle Fever vox and art)
Tracklisting: 1. Life out of balance 2. Holy Fuck 3. No Blood 4. With friends like these.... 5. The Quarrel 6. Demon Eyes 7. Witch Hunt 8. Redrum 9. Such is life 10. Damnation (Life out of balance)