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That's The Spirit (CD)

Bring Me The Horizon

That's The Spirit (CD)

That's The Spirit (CD)


BRING ME THE HORIZON are set to release an album that will catapult them even further into the stratosphere and confirm their status as one of the most important British rock bands in the world. The band will release their new studio album THAT'S THE SPIRIT on September 11th through Sony Music Entertainment Australia.

THAT'S THE SPIRIT is an eleven track-exhilarating ride of an album, bursting with huge riffs, soaring vocals and stadium filling monster tracks. It was recorded in Santorini Greeceat Black Rock Studios, mixed in London, mastered in New York and produced by the band's own Oli Sykes and Jordan Fish.


  • CD Softpack



    • 1. Doomed
    • 2. Happy Song
    • 3. Throne
    • 4. True Friends
    • 5. Follow You
    • 6. What You Need
    • 7. Avalanche
    • 8. Run
    • 9. Drown
    • 10. Blasphemy
    • 11. Oh No