The American Dream Bundle #12

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Embroidered Tee

Trophy Eyes // The American Dream Bundle #12


  • Liberty Cap
  • Wall Flag
  • Skatedeck
  • Brand Square Long Sleeve
  • Your choice of either:
           *Embroidered Liberty Tee (White)
           *Embroidered Liberty Tee (Gold)
           *Embroidered Stripe Tee (White)
           *Embroidered Stripe Tee (Black)

  • Your choice of either:
           *12" Vinyl (White w/ Black, Red & Yellow Splatter)
           *12" Vinyl (Red, Yellow and White Tri-Colour)


  • Exclusive 1 (Initial Pressing: 700 units): White with Black, Red and Yellow splatter
  • Exclusive 2 (Initial Pressing: 300 units):   Red, Yellow and White Tri-Color
  • AUS Exclusive (Initial Pressing: 500 units)   White inside Red with Black Splatter
  • Retail (Initial Pressing: 1,500 units): Solid White


1. Autumn
2. Something Bigger Than This
3. Friday Forever
4. More Like You
5. A Cotton Candy Sky
6. You Can Count On Me
7. Broken
8. Tip Toe
9. Lavender Bay
10. Miming In The Choir
11. A Symphony Of Crickets
12. I Can Feel It Calling

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