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Samsara Official Merch - The Emptiness (CD)


The Emptiness (CD)


Samsara - The Emptiness (CD) Samsara feature Baina of Her Nightmare on vocals as well as members past and present of Mindsnare, Within Blood, Shotpointblank, Day Of Contempt, Blood Duster and more. This was tracked in melbourne with Converge's Kurt Ballou and taken home to mix in his GodCity studio in Salem.
This is the second press which has an altered front cover. The band logo is different and more legible.
This album review describes it perfectly: The end Result is a killer debut, a cross between Satisfaction Is The Death Of Desire (Hatebreed) and Seasons In The Abyss (Slayer)...not at all overproduced, still feeling raw and savage, the guitars are constantly on the shred, Baina's vocals sound heavy and tortured, and the drums are relentless double kick fury, exactly what the songs call for. The bar has been officially raised in Oz hardcore again.' Blunt Magazine 9/10