The Used - Live and Acoustic at The Palace (CD Pack)


*CD/DVD - ̴Ì_A unique live acoustic performance celebrating The Used‰ۡó»s 15 year history as a band and featuring re-imagined versions of classic songs and fan favorites. Includes a DVD of the live show at the historic Palace Theatre in Downtown Los Angeles. ̴Ì_(please list track details provided)

*Photo Pack - Each pre-order includes one set of 4 random photo cards from the band's once in a lifetime live event. These are exclusive to the pre-order bundles in extremely limited quantities! There are 12 different photos to find to collect them all!


  1. CD/DVD
  2. Photo Pack

Track Listing:̴Ì_

1. Tunnel

2. The Taste of Ink

3. Yesterday's Feelings

4. Lunacy Fringe

5. The Bird And The Worm

6. Paralyzed

7. All That I've Got

8. Overdose

9. Blue And Yellow

10. Hard To Say

11. Imagine

12. On My Ow