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Trips (CD)



Samiam - Trips (CD) Description:
Highly influential Californian indie rockers, Samiam will continue their legacy with the release of their eighth full-length album, "Trips" on September 16 via Hopeless Records / UNFD, and the LP version will be released the same day via Poison City Records in Australia and New Zealand. Not only is this their first release in nearly five years, it's their second in over ten years.
Following the breakup of the 924 Gilman Street mainstay Isocracy (featuring vocalist Jason Beebout), Samiam formed in late 1988 and broke out of the Berkeley music scene with peers Green Day and Jawbreaker. They released seven full-length albums - three on New Red Archives, two on Hopeless Records, and two major label releases (the critically-acclaimed Clumsy on Atlantic and You Are Freaking Me Out on Ignition/Tommy Boy) between 1989 and 2006. Samiam has toured extensively throughout North America, Europe, South America, and Japan with bands such as Bad Religion, Green Day, Blink-182, Sense Field, The Toadies, among many others.
1. 80 West 2. Clean Up The Mess 3. September Holiday 4. Demon 5. Crew Of One 6. Over Now 7. How Would You Know 8. Nightly 9. Free Time 10. El Dorado 11. Magellan 12. Did You Change 13. Happy For You