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D at Sea Official Merch - Unconscious

D at Sea

Unconscious (CD)



D at Sea - Unconscious RELEASE DATE: 08.03.13 Tracklisting: 1. December 2. All Over 3. Unconscious 4. Without You 5. Take Me Home UNFD's latest signing is Brisbane solo artist Doyle Perez, playing hardcore-inspired acoustic songs under his moniker D AT SEA. Rising to notoriety via acoustic renditions of songs by Parkway Drive, The Amity Affliction and many others on his YouTube Channel, D has garnered 3.5 million plays in the last year. "Unconscious" is his first set of five original tracks. The songs tell tales of time, life, friends, family, injury and catharsis - all penned with same the honesty and sincerity that the artists he's covered have become famous for. On March 8 the CDEP will be available, including bundles with T-Shirts for the UNFD fans. Presented by UNFD