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[Untitled] 12" Vinyl LP (Red)


[Untitled] 12" Vinyl LP (Red)



MewithoutYou // [Untitled] 12" Vinyl LP (Red)

(Limited to 700 pieces worldwide)

Track List:

1 9:27a.m., 7/29
2 Julia (or, ‘Holy to the LORD’ on the Bells of Horses)
3 Another Head for Hydra
4 [dormouse sighs]
5 Winter Solstice
6 Flee, Thou Matadors!
7 Tortoises All the Way Down
8 2,459 Miles
9 Wendy & Betsy
10 New Wine, New Skins
11 Michael, Row Your Boat Ashore
12 Break on Through (to the Other Side) [pt. Two]


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