Vertical Skatedeck Holder


24Hundred - Vertical Skatedeck Holder
A practical way to safely display your favourite collectable skatedecks.
Sturdy Rack made from Engineering Reinforced Glass- Filled NylonRack Capacity = 1 Skateboard DeckHolds up to a 15kg (33lbs)
Rack can be mounted to any wall material, drywall, tile, stucco/plaster, wood, brick or concrete. Use screws appropriate to your wall type (8 gauge x 35mm countersunk screws are appropriate for most situations). Fix the screws through the holes provided in the Universal Sleeve to a wall stud, (use wall plugs if not going into studs) then simply slide the rack arm into the channel provided.
PRODUCT DIMENSIONSRack Protrudes from wall 65mm (2.5")Length 120mm (4.7")