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Balance and Composure Official Merch - Waratah Tee (White)

Balance and Composure

Waratah Tee (White)

Waratah Tee (White)


Balance and Composure - Waratah Tee (White)
Balance and Composure has joined the UNFD roster and will be releasing their highly-anticipated third studio album, Light We Made this October! Formed in 2007, the band released their first album, Separation in 2011 to critical acclaim. Their second album, The Things We Think We're Missing did not fall short of its predecessor, peaking at #51 on the US Billboard 200 and breaking into the Top 20 of the Independent Albums Chart, the Modern Rock/Alternative Albums and Rock Albums Chart. Enlisting the help of produced Will Yip, Life We Made is full of soothing, harmonious tracks.í«ompleteí«ur own Pre Order bundle byí«ding a music item.
Printed on standard fitting t-shirts