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Yellowcard Official Merch - Southern Air (CD)


Southern Air (CD)



Yellowcard - Southern Air (CD) "When Yellowcard decided to take a break in 2008, I had never felt so uncertain about my future," recalls vocalist/guitarist Ryan Key, about the story behind the title of their new album,Southern Air. "I decided the best thing for me to do was leave Los Angeles and relocate to the East Coast to be closer to my family. I landed in a small college town in Northeast Georgia called Athens. It was such a crucial and developmental chapter in my life for which I will be forever grateful." Southern Air will be released via Hopeless Records / UNFD on August 17, 2012 in Australia and New Zealand.

Featuring the crisp production of longtime producer Neal Avron, Southern Air is the sound of band who has not only returned to form but is expanding and growing in confidence with the help and support of the people who welcomed them with open arms - the fans.

1. Awakening

2. Surface Of The Sun

3. Always Summer

4. Here I Am Alive

5. Sleep In The Snow

6. A Vicious Kind

7. Telescope

8. Rivertown Blues

9. Ten

10. Southern Air

Track 4: Additional Vocals by Tay Jardine (of We Are The In Crowd)

Track 7: Additional Vocals by Alex Gaskarth (of All Time Low), Tay Jardine (of We Are The In Crowd) and Cassadee Pope