In Hearts Wake

Incarnation 12" Vinyl (Eco Shadow Marble) + Digital Download PRE-ORDER


Release Date Late August 2024


In Hearts Wake

The granulate used to make these records is made on a calcium sink base which is the most eco-friendly in today’s market.

The vinyl packaging was manufactured using recycled materials and its carbon footprint offset upon completion. Sleeve is made with 100% recycled FSC paper while the Obi Strips & labels are printed on FSC certified paper with vegan ink and water based varnish.

PLEASE NOTE: the product has been intentionally left unsealed to minimize the amount of plastic produced in the making of this record.

Track Listing

Side A
12. Spitting Nails (ǝunʇɹoɟ ɟo lǝǝɥʍ)
13. Hollow Bone (plɹoʍ ǝɥʇ)
14. The Flood (ǝɔᴉʇsnɾ)
15. Orphan (lᴉʌǝp ǝɥʇ)
16. Gen Doom (ʇuɐɥdoɹǝᴉɥ ǝɥʇ)

Side B
17. Shishigami シシ神 (ssǝɹdɯǝ ǝɥʇ)
18. Tyrant (ɹoɹǝdɯǝ ǝɥʇ)
19. Feeding The Dead (ǝɔuɐɹǝdɯǝʇ)
20. Michigama (uɐᴉɔᴉƃɐɯ ǝɥʇ)
21. Shellshock (ssǝʇsǝᴉɹd ɥƃᴉɥ ǝɥʇ)
22. Transmission (uns ǝɥʇ)


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In Hearts Wake are an Australian metalcore band from Byron Bay, formed in 2006. They have released five studio albums, with the most recent; Kaliyuga, which was released on 7 August 2020 through UNFD. The band's lyrical themes include environmentalism, environmental justice, global warming, conservation, and other social issues.
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