The Amity Affliction Official Merch - This Could Be Heartbreak (CD)

The Amity Affliction This Could Be Heartbreak (CD)

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Youngbloods Deluxe CD/DVD

The Amity Affliction Youngbloods Deluxe CD/DVD


The CD/DVD package features exclusive interviews, live footage and music videos, enhanced artwork, liner notes and bonus tracks.


I Hate Hartley
H.M.A.S Lookback
Fire Or Knife
Dr. Thunder
Olde English 800
No Sleep 'Til Brisbane
R.I.P Foghorn
Fuck The Yankees
Snicklefritz (bonus track)
15 Pieces Of Flare (bonus track)

The Making of Youngbloods

High Hopes (EP)

The Amity Affliction High Hopes (EP)